Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Father Hugh Thwaites SJ


This is an on-line request for information regarding the late, great, Father Hugh Thwaites which could be used to aid the cause for his Beatification.

Please add your comments to this posting if you wish to share your memories of this holy son of Loyola.

Depending on what type of format you like to use here is a link to the specially dedicated Facebook Page:



  1. I can't be of help. I only knew Father Thwaites
    from reading about him here and there. In this way I came to love him. I will pray for his cause, daily. +

  2. May God aid your efforts. I never knew him while he was alive, but he is now one of my heavenly intercessors. He kept the faith--and with boyish enthusiasm and charity--when so many others had lost it. Moreover, he became holy by walking by faith rather than by sight,and that pleases God immensely. He is one of God's "holy ones". God bless you!

  3. I am Anonymous 27 April 2013 01:24.
    I have kept my pledge and continue to offer a daily prayer for
    Father Thwaites' cause.

  4. I lived with Father Thwaites before I was ordained and many years later he lived in my presbytery when I became a Parish Priest. He was thoroughly dedicated and prayerful man.

  5. One can find a further testimony and devoted written tributes commendations by Mary ORegan of The Path Less Taken. One of them is published in the Catholic Herald, with the inclusion of Fr Thwaites as ten of the most amazing priests




  6. Here is a mention of Fr. Hugh Thwaites. I believe that he attended the Youth 2000 weekend retreats as well, I think he is in one of their videos. Like me, these days, he struggled with attending Youth 2000 due to the slightly more modern content, but as the article states, he was won over by the success of Youth 2000 at gaining solid religious vocations (70 in the past 15 years). I attend the Latin Mass, but even I can not bring myself to not admire their work.


  7. He was my spiritual director towards the end of my sojourn in London in 1978 and continued when I returned to my country in 1980. He continued as my S/Director to my ordination as a religious priest 1992. We continued to communicate. I phoned the hospice where he stayed 2 days after his death to be informed by a Sister about his death. I participated in his funeral from my country on 31 August 2012. I will continue to pray for his canonization.

  8. I was privileged to know Fr The sites when he was overseas students chaplain and mean a mission Stella Maris in South London.
    He brought me back to the church, and even recruited me to Legion of Mary before I resumed attending Mass.